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Jens Pind's Linkage

Also known as: Jens Pind, JPL, JPL3

Known Working Aspect Ratio Range: 2.76-3.37

Preferred Aspect Ratio: 3.0

12 AWGJens Pind's Linkage, 12 AWG, rendered in POV-Ray
14 AWGJens Pind's Linkage, 14 AWG, rendered in POV-Ray
16 AWGJens Pind's Linkage, 16 AWG, rendered in POV-Ray
18 AWGJens Pind's Linkage, 18 AWG, rendered in POV-Ray
20 AWGJens Pind's Linkage, 20 AWG, rendered in POV-Ray

This weave can be found in Great Wire Jewelry: Projects & Techniques by Irene From Petersen. If you own the book, you already know that the directions are less than simple to follow. Thankfully, Criterion (from the Mail Artisans International League) has created a tutorial that is much easier to understand.

Note that JPL is really just a standard spiral weave which is unwound and where the aspect ratio is small enough to allow the rings to lock it into its unspiralled spiral shape. (Hopefully this makes sense.)

Jens Pind's Linkage is the most AR sensitive weave of which I am aware. I've made it in AR's from 2.76 to 3.37, but I would not suggest going over an AR of 3.1 until you've learned the weave. (In the 3.1s and below, the last ring added locks the previous ring in place. In the 3.2s, the last two rings added lock the third ring back in place.)


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