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Aspect Ratio Table

This table is compiled mostly by my trial and error, but a few "Preferred" numbers have come from outside sources. If an outside source was used, he/she/it is listed in the "Info From" column. (NOTE: Calculated is not a person; it indicates the "AR Works" and "AR No Work" values have been obtained by either trigonometry or computer modeling.) All aspect ratios are true aspect ratios, obtained by measuring the rings with calipers, so springback is included here.

Not sure what an aspect ratio is, exactly? Here's a handy explanation:
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Aspect Ratios....

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Full NameInfo fromPreferred ARAR WorksAR No Work
Box Chain (Square cross-section)Calculated54.684.67
Box Chain (Rectangular cross-section)Cliff Parker 4.17 
Byzantine Chain, 1 connectorCalculated 3.133.12
Byzantine Chain, 2 connectorsCalculated3.53.323.31
Byzantine Chain, 3 connectorsCalculated4.13.843.83
Byzantine Chain, 4 connectorsCalculated4.84.574.56
Definitely Not Beer Chain   4.647 / 3.485
Doubled Half Persian 3 in 1 Chain 76.55 
Doubled Spiral 54.70 
Dragon Scale SheetBuddha4-4.5 / 6-6.5  
European 4 in 1 Sheet 43.109 
European 6 in 1 Sheet 5.354.8294.256
European 8 in 1 Sheet  6.087 
Forars Kaede Chain 4.604.35 
Full Persian 6 in 1 Chain 5.55.16 
Half Persian 3 in 1 Chain 4.24.094 
Half Persian 4 in 1 ChainBlueBuddha54.6834.256
Half Persian 5 in 1 Chain 76.17 
Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 5Fortuna Wolf5.204.85 
Half Persian 3-1 Sheet 6  5.248 
Harvest Moon Chain (see Tomato Sandwich)Calculated 4.614.60
Inverted Round ChainCalculated4.253.943.93
Japanese 4 in 1 Sheet 2.5  
Japanese 4 in 1 CubeCalculated2.52.412.40
Japanese 8 in 2 CubeCalculated4.13.783.77
Japanese 12 in 3 CubeCalculated 4.694.68
Japanese 16 in 4 CubeCalculated 5.635.62
Jens Pind's Linkage 32.76 
Jens Pind's Linkage 5 54.70 
One hour less sleep Chain 6.45.915 
One hour less sleep variant 1 Chain  6.336 
Orbital ChainCalculated 5.475.46
Pheasible Chain 3.203.20 
Round Chain 4.13.7103.294
Round Persian ChainBative6  
Tomato Sandwich ChainCalculated 4.614.60
Trinity  2.98 
Turkish Round Chain 3.503.302.78
Viper ScaleLady Lockeout5.2  

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