IGP Downloads

You need the .NET Framework to run IGP. IGP WILL NOT RUN WITHOUT THE FRAMEWORK!!! If you do not have the framework (and if you're not a programmer, you probably don't), IGP will not run. The .NET Framework download is a BIGGIE (about 20 MB) and comes from Microsoft. You can get that at the link shown below.

Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable Package

Have you installed the .NET Framework? If not, read the preceding paragraph. OK, now that that's taken care of, you can get the IGP at the link shown below. Once downloaded, just unzip the file into its own directory and run the executable.

Download total application package (includes maille patterns) (v0.6.0.5)

Every so often I manage to come out with an update to IGP. Piecemeal downloads and source code can be found below:

Download application only (v0.6.0.5)

Download ALL patterns (as of 2010.01.29)

Download source (v0.6.0.5)

IniReader/StopWatch source page


IGP2POV will take your data image file and convert into a POV-Ray scene file which can be further modified, or just render it. (POV-Ray is required on your system if you wish to do the render. POV-Ray can be obtained from www.povray.org.)

Download IGP2POV v0.0.1.4 (39KB, including source)

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