IGP: Frequently Asked Questions

What does IGP stand for?

Irregular Grid Painter

I downloaded the program and try to run it, but all I get is an error. Why won't it work?

The most likely explanation is that you do not have the .NET Redistributable Package downloaded. A link to Microsoft's download site is on the same page as the IGP download.

The program starts up fine, but when I try to create a new image or open a file, I get an error message that states "Attempted to divide by zero."

When extracting from the zip file, make sure that you are extracting the directory structure as well. For example, if using WinZip 8.0, the "Use folder names" checkbox should be checked before extracting.

I tried to load a picture and the program locked. Why?

In the IGP, 1 pixel = 1 ring. The program is not optimized for memory or for speed, so it is horribly slow and memory intensive. Loading a "standard" 640 x 480 picture can take a mighty long time -- so long, that even the operating system might think that IGP is locked, but it's not; it's just thinking.

Pictures MUST be resized before loading into the IGP. That "standard" 640 x 480 picture that appears about 7" x 5" on your (or at least my) computer monitor -- that would translate into about a 12-1/2 ft x 8-1/2 ft patch if made from 16 ga. (.064) x 1/4 I.D. rings.

Pictures SHOULD be posterized before loading into the IGP. Even if the picture had a limited palette of colors before it was resized, it's likely that the resizing caused blending of colors. Since you probably won't have rings in those blended colors, you'll need to set the palette to the limited colors with which you wish to work.

How do I save what I'm seeing on screen?

On the File menu, choose "Save Patterned Picture..." instead of "Save..." or "Save As..."

How do I import, export or print? They are on the 'File' menu, but they are greyed out.

Import, Export and Print haven't been implemented yet. I had originally planned to get them implemented within a few months after IGP's original release, so I included them in the interface, but left them disabled. Here we are, a year and a half later, and I still haven't gotten them implemented.

Anyways, here's a workaround so you can print.

  1. Go to File > Save Patterned Picture... and save it.
  2. Open up the saved file in another imaging application (such as MS Paint).
  3. Print it.

When I load a [some random color] and white picture, IGP doesn't seem to work right. What's going on?

The problem with white is a known "feature". The problem stems from my use of black/white images as a matte - black is the area to be painted, white is the area to be left behind. When IGP was first created, the program was extremely slow, and I was able to boost the speed by either 25% or 33% (I don't remember which) if I was willing to give up the use of white as a color. Needless to say, I chose speed.

The workaround for this is to not use white. Change the white to an off-white and you'll be fine.

Is there a Mac/Unix/*anything besides Microsoft* version?

I used to think no, but I'm not sure anymore. There appear to be some open & shared source projects that *might* allow IGP to run, but I'm not sure if it will work or not, and I don't have access to any non-Windows machines, so I really don't know. Here are links to the various projects:

Microsoft Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure

Portable .NET


These above links were culled from the presentation: Platform Independent .NET. If anyone gets IGP to work on an alternate operating system, please let me know so I can get instructions up on how to do it.

Questions or comments? Email me at programmer@zlosk.com.

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